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Your Housing Disrepair Issues Are Our Business.

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If you are renting accommodation, your landlord must make sure that your home is fit to be lived in on the day they let it to you. This would also apply where the unfitness isn’t obvious when you first move in, but it becomes clearer during your tenancy.If you have a housing disrepair you could claim make a claim. 





We help tenants nationwide get the compensation they deserve following a housing disrepair claim on a “No Win No Fee” basis. If you are a tenant living in a council house or housing association and you have reported a disrepair to your landlord which has not been carried out within 3 months then you can make a claim .

Our Process

We collect the information about the disrepair and assess whether your landlord is in breach of their tenancy agreement. We will then carry out an initial assessment of your case, instruct a professional surveyor to complete a report identifying repairs and request the landlord to complete repairs within an agreed time frame. 


your experience

It is important to know that we also have experience in claiming compensation for injury or illness you or your family may also have suffered as a result of any disrepairs. We will assess your claim for injury based on your medical records and you can rest assured that we will pursue additional compensation you may be entitled to for this



Housing Disrepair

We are experts in housing disrepair claims and will offer you a fast and friendly service with a common sense approach to your claim. Landlords are obliged by law to ensure the property, which they rent to you, is fit for human habitation. Landlords are responsible for dealing with most of the repair problems. The landlord’s duty to undertake repairs is not only contained in your Tenancy Agreement but also under other areas of the Law.

It is important to know that if you’ve suffered inconvenience or have not been able to enjoy full use of your home due to the landlord’s failure to repair your home or disruption during the repair work or damage to your health and you believe that it was not your fault then SNK Solicitors can help you. We will always fight for your right in gaining access to justice.


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0161 821 1581

Suite C, Unit 10 Century Park, Pacific Road, Altrincham. WA14 5BJ

open Mon – Fri from 9am-5pm